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Sunday, May 29: The 3 Most Choosy Zodiac Signs

Horoscope For June 3, 2022: Check Your Daily Horoscope By Christopher Renstrom

When it associated with love, three zodiac signs are choosy. They have high expectations, and there’s no way they’ll lower them when the Moon squares Saturn on Sunday, May 29, 2022.

When it comes to love, which 3 zodiac signs are the pickiest?

There’s certainly a reason we’re so careful about who we love or why we love them. My opinion is population reduction: if we’re all able to have a relationship with anybody and everybody, population control would become a problem.

We have our ‘taste and preference’ and standards because it reduces our chances of meeting someone, having children with them, and then sending more children into the world.

Isn’t Mother Nature a witty creature?

Pickiness is something that comes and goes in our lives. We all get picky at times, as well as some folks have standards that are virtually unattainable; they are the kings and queens of pickiness.

During Moon square Pluto, we become increasingly more definite about what we want in love. It’s possible that we’ll become so fussy that we’ll pass on everybody who comes into our field of vision.

We don’t want what we don’t want, let us just face it. It’s in our nature. There are some sorts that draw us and others that repel us. We don’t even give people who repel us a second thought, no matter how amazing they are.

We stick to that personality trait checklist and never stray from our beliefs. This is what Moon square Pluto elicits in us: an insufferable snub for individuals who do not meet our expectations. Selective, selective, selective!

Find out which three zodiac signs are the pickiest when it comes to love.

  • Cancer  – In terms of love and relationships, you’ve always have been a snob. You’re not here to change in the near future, especially now that the Moon is conjunct Pluto in the sky, making you feel that you need to be cautious in your relationships.

    You’ve reached the moment in your life when if the person you’re interested in doesn’t do A, B, or C, they’re D — out. You constantly state up front that you have certain demands, and that if they are not satisfied, your interest in them will wane.

    Honesty goes a very long way, and it’s helped you attract others who share your values. However, the years have honed your perfectionist tendencies, and only a select few people can fit within your parameters. That’s fine with you during Moon square Pluto. You’d prefer to remain alone than with someone you consider to be ‘sub par.’

  •  Scorpio – Square of the Moon Pluto awakens your desire to defend oneself, and in this situation, the protection is meant to keep you from making a bad love choice. You have the impression that you can have whomever you want, and you may be correct.

    People are extremely less discriminating than you might believe, and if it means never having being alone, some individuals will go with anybody. We get ourselves into problems; we hook up with people who are horrible for us merely because we’d rather be in relationships than be alone.

    You, on the other hand, Scorpio. You’ve set your expectations and aren’t going to budge. You demand perfection in everything you do, and your perfectionism extends to your romantic life. You’re not looking for just anyone; you’re looking for the right person. And you’re ready to dismiss and exclude everybody until the correct one appears.

  • Capricorn – Due to the general influence of Moon square Pluto on your feeling of discretion, you would find that you are far too choosy to choose just anyone as a romantic partner while trying to keep the population under control.

    If it takes an eternity to find the perfect person, you’ll be content knowing that you didn’t sacrifice your values. Why wouldn’t you aim for excellence in your romantic life?

    Of course you would, and you’d have to set some settings in order to do so. Certain sorts of behavior will not be tolerated in your life. They may accept or reject it, but as they say, “those are the rules.” You show yourself respect by treating yourself to the finest and nothing less. You may be choosy, but you have everything you need to be truly yourself.

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