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Study Says- Greediness of Pandemic Killed Over 1 Million People, Around The World

The issue is clear by the title, placing greediness and profits above humans have killed more than 1.3 million people around the globe, regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments. And in addition, there are around 300 million infections and infected people. Journal nature medicine has done their new research and according to that, rich and wealthy countries have stored and collected vaccinations in huge quantities.

And in some cases, it is seen that they have destroyed and damaged the vaccines. And this not only caused deaths but helped the pandemic last longer in our lives. And continues to plague and infect the public.

By gathering mathematical data and information from about 152 countries, Epidemiologists have noticed the COVID-19 vaccine distribution differences, from the start of the COVID pandemic to the end of the year 2021. They also found immense differences in vaccine access in different countries.

Pandemic Data and Estimates Released by WHO- World Health Organization

For example, many countries have consumed 90% of the vaccinations for the adult population (which is 2 shots or above). While many countries had very low vaccines like 0.9%, it is based on a country’s wealth and richness, and it is playing a major role in the situation of discrepancy.

Studies have shown that a greater ratio of vaccine sharing would save a lot of people and decrease the burden of disease globally, this is written by Author Sam Moore and his colleagues. The uneven distribution of COVID vaccinations has caused a lot of loss and deaths around the world, not only locally but internationally too.

Around the globe, there are around 630 million covid infections and 6.5+ million deaths worldwide, based on estimates and data by the WHO- World Health Organization. Yet, this figure can be low, estimates and data based on excessive deaths can be up to 16.5 million and 28.1 million.