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Struggling Mother Who Formerly Relied on Food Stamps- Now Earning £100,000 Per Month

A single and struggling mother, who was pressured to live on food stamps, is currently making £100,000 per month, through her OnlyFans page. Rebecca Goodwin struggled to feed her 2 daughters. Currently, aged 4 and 11 years old, and for more than a month, survived on food stamps.

Before starting an OnlyFans page, each stamp is used by the mother for 5 days, to provide food for her children. In 10 days, by selling her adult content on OnlyFans, she earned £1.6k. And currently, she makes around £100k per month through her page.

The mother of two was able to save enough, to provide them with a four-bed house worth £230k and a Porsche worth £45k. Earning herself the things, that three years ago- she never dreamed to afford.

For more than a month, Rebecca, 28, of Mansfield, Derbyshire, said, she and her two girls survived on six bags of food. “Even throwing my daughter’s first birthday party was out of my budget.”

“I started OnlyFans out of necessity, and in the first 10 days, I made £1.6k. It was insane. I had never before made so much money in a month. I can now afford a Porsche and a four-bedroom house. My oldest daughter is aware of what I do, and she is not bothered by it at all.”

Earlier, the mother could not afford her energy bills and gas yet survived on food stamps to feed her daughters.

“I was a single mother who couldn’t work since I couldn’t afford childcare for my newborn. I was seeking activities I could carry out from home.”

“I felt a lot of shame for not being able to meet their needs. For more than a month, we survived on six bags of food packed with a lot of Uncle Bens and tins of soup. I couldn’t even afford my baby’s formula.”

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