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Stimulus Update: Good Prospects for New Jersey Citizens

Whilst the year 2022 is well underway, the prospects of a fourth stimulus check from the federal government in the US seem unlikely. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic is all but over. Whilst the US economy does seem to show some signs of recovery, consumer confidence and sentiment are down.

Despite a decrease in unemployment, inflation is at the highest it’s been in over 40 years, sitting at around 7.5%. According to an article found online from the Union Journal, residents in New Jersey can still expect a stimulus check of $2,000, however. Read on if you are interested and want to find out more details.

New Jersey Stimulus Aid

To begin, the New Jersey Stimulus check, according to this report or article, is aimed primarily at those who did not qualify for any federal payments or stimulus checks last year. Furthermore, the stimulus program falls part of the Excluded New Jerseyans’ Fund. The online report also makes it clear that an amount of $40 million has been allocated or set aside for this fund.

As stated in the report, the New Jerseyan Stimulus check will provide eligible residents with a once-off payment of $2000, individually – and up to $4000 per household or family. Furthermore, the report highlights the fact that such stimulus aid should benefit undocumented immigrant workers.

The Excluded Residents Fund

This should all come as a welcomed belief to eligible Residents in New Jersey. As the stimulus program states on their website: “Excluded New Jerseyans’ Fund (ENJF) provides a one-time, direct cash benefit to households who were excluded from both federal stimulus checks and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance”. 

Furthermore, according to the online report by the Union Journal – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy stated recently with the continuance of the Excluded New Jerseyans’ fund: “…we are making sure more families who are eligible for this program receive much-awaited assistance”. This all followed an outcry when the state of New Jersey previously allocated $34 million of its funds for state expenses. The latter decision to continue with the program has come with much relief from relevant roleplayers.


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