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Stimulus Update: Florida Families, Teachers to Receive Stimulus Checks

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Several states in the United States have organized their stimulus checks to assist their citizens in coping with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, with Florida being one of them. This comes on the heels of the three government stimulus payments that were distributed to low- and middle-income households earlier this year.

Who are eligible to receive the stimulus check?

According to Marca, even though financial assistance is becoming less and less available now that the year 2022 has begun, there are still some programs available to assist Americans. One of these programs, a stimulus check for school instructors and teachers, is implemented in Florida.

The report also stated that teachers and principals may receive another stimulus check this 2022 as a “thank you” for their efforts during the pandemic, following the receipt of a stimulus payment the previous year. If this proposal is enacted, it is projected that approximately 177,000 teachers and principals will be eligible.

According to current estimates, if this fresh batch of stimulus funds for Florida teachers is authorized, the cheques will be worth $1,000 each.

There will be no increase in the amount of money distributed in 2021. The Florida Department of Education allocates an additional three and a half million dollars to cover the time and bureaucracy required to handle the checks.

How to get their Stimulus Check?

At this time, the majority of Americans are not required to do any action to receive their stimulus check. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will automatically compute and pay them based on their 2018 or 2019 tax returns. They should visit the IRS website regularly to obtain additional information.

According to Florida PIRG, the Internal Revenue Service has established a new “Get my Payment” portal where taxpayers can securely update their information and track their payment progress – making sure that the IRS receives their tax information for 2019 as well as their bank account information can assist in shortening the procedure.

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