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Stimulus Update: Americans to Get $350 Monthly Payments Under the Family Security Act

Americans will receive $350 monthly payments under the Family Security Act. Millions of individuals will benefit from the payments. The act aims to provide financial support to families with children, and it will offer $350 per month for each child from 0-5 and $250 for each between 6-17. reports that Sen. Mitt Romney had submitted a proposal to restart the monthly payments. Eligible parents need to check with the concerned authorities for the payments’ resumption date. The maximum amount for the families is $1,250, and eligible parents will automatically receive the payment.

Previous federal plans have concluded

President Biden launched the American Rescue Plan last year, and it helped millions of low-income households across the country. Beneficiaries received $250-$300 per month from July to December. They have received the first half of the payments. Parents will receive the remaining half with the tax returns. Lawmakers and other government officials have called upon the federal government to reintroduce the payments. However, the government has shown no interest in this matter. The introduction of the Family Security Act will improve the living conditions of millions of low-income households, it will help children with their education.

Family Security Act is essential for families quoted Romney, who said, “The act creates a new national commitment to American families by modernizing and streamlining antiquated federal policies. If enacted, low-income families would no longer have to choose between a bigger paycheck or eligibility for support. This plan would immediately lift nearly three million children out of poverty while providing a bridge to the middle class – without adding a dime to the federal deficit.” In addition, the new federal payments will boost the financial condition of the country and will help individuals and families cope with the uncontrollable price rise. The prices of goods and services have witnessed a record rise in the past few months.

The beneficiaries must ensure that they do not exceed the threshold income limit. The government provides financial support to uplift the living standards of children and adults. reports that the threshold for the state benefits is 80 hours of work per month. Although, the legislation awaits formal introduction, it requires few amendments.

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