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Stimulus Check

Stimulus: Eligible Families With Children Could Get $300 Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments

The US government has issued three stimulus checks to help people. These checks were issues to help people in the recovery from the pandemic. The first check came out in the early spring of 2021 and was worth $1,200. The second check gave $600, and the third was a huge one with an amount of $$1,400.

Families who have children to get extra stimulus money

Raising a child in the era of the pandemic can be very hard. Things are not good after the coronavirus. People are struggling hard to send children to schools and more. Hence the government is trying to help out such families. All the families who have kids and meet specific criteria will get paid an amount of $300 per child per month.

The child tax credit will be given to the families of the ones who are affected and want extra financial support. American president Biden came up with the idea of the Build Back Better bill, which was based entirely on helping kids. On the other hand, the Senate didn’t like the idea, and hence things didn’t go as planned.

Family Security Act

According to fingerlakes1, This act also was designed to help out the families who were affected by the pandemic. The payment of $350 was given with the scheme. The families who have kids in the age group of 0 and 5 will get the payment. On the other hand, families who have kids in the age group of 6-17 will get a check of $250.

Even the parents who are expecting a child soon will get stimulus from the government. However, they will have to prove their financial stability to get the check. On Average, most of the families will get a sum of $1,250 from the scheme.

The fourth Stimulus check rumors

There is a rumor going on in the market about a fourth stimulus check coming up soon. But the government has made it very clear that no such payment will be made. However, people are still struggling after the third wave, so a stimulus will not be a bad idea.

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