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Students May Also Get Stimulus Checks: See If You Are Eligible!


Although federal stimulus checks aren’t coming, federal money is assisting certain students in receiving them. Santa Barbara City College  (SBCC) will provide a stimulus check to students.

The CARES/HEERF Emergency Grants will be used to provide this SBCC coronavirus stimulus check to students. SBCC is now accepting submissions from students for this coronavirus stimulus check.

There is a stimulus check for students in this place

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, SBCC received about $7 million from the federal government. This fund is being used by City College to distribute $1,000 to $3,000 stimulus checks. SBCC is now accepting applications for the CARES/HEERF Emergency Grants Spring 2022, but students must act quickly because the deadline is February 17 at 12 pm

When it comes to who is eligible for the SBCC coronavirus stimulus check, students who are enrolled for at least three credits are eligible. Students who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic should apply for this no-strings-attached grant, according to MENA FN.

The college said it will continue to deliver stimulus checks until all funds are depleted, so the number of students who will get this grant is unknown. The institution advises non-credit students to keep an eye on their school email account and City College’s social media pages for updates on when to apply. Since the beginning of the pandemic, SBCC has provided three rounds of federal assistance to students.

Student loan companies try to fight Biden’s cancellation pledge

Meanwhile, the White House has been sluggish to adopt broad actions on student debt cancellation, as President Joe Biden challenges his legal authority and defers to Congress.

Per Business Insider, the firms that process the $1.7 trillion debt have poured money into lobbying and politicians’ war chests to prevent widespread cancellation — expenditure that might shed light on Biden’s inaction.

Recent Democratic-led efforts to stop money from flowing into politics have failed miserably. Despite the funding and lobbying, experts believe there is a ray of light for those working for the cancellation of student debt.

According to OpenSecrets, a nonprofit that records campaign money and lobbying data, student loan companies spent over $4.5 million on lobbying last year. During the pandemic, the business campaigned against student-loan payment pauses, as well as student-debt difficulties in Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus package last year.

The sector will spend around $4 million on lobbying in 2020. These firms are awarded contracts by the federal government to service borrowers’ student loans. Companies receive fees for each loan they serve in exchange.

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