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SSI, SDI Stimulus Checks Update: Here’s When To Receive Disability Benefits Payment

Image by - Karolina Grabowska/ Pexels

The IRS is still distributing the third stimulus payment, and part of it is going to those who are on SSI or SSDI. You should start investigating to see if you’re one of the few people who hasn’t gotten your Social Security payment.

Direct Express card customers should have received their payment by now. You may still have to wait if your money is being sent to you through postal mail or direct deposit.

If you stopped or resumed receiving SSI or SSDI benefits in 2019 or 2020, or if you feel your first or second stimulus payment is missing, you can request a payment trace, according to The East County Gazette.

Last month, the Department of Veterans Affairs started paying out benefits to individuals who qualified. Retired railroad workers who are eligible for up to $1,400 in stimulus benefits are expected to get them shortly.

If your dependents did not get any stimulus funding, you may have to submit a 2020 tax return, but the deadline to do so was only yesterday. If you have children, see if you qualify for the new Child Tax Credit, which includes determining whether your child is a qualifying dependent.

SSI payment schedule

Every month, the SSA faces the immense administrative burden of delivering tens of millions of payments to Americans, knowing that many families rely entirely on their Social Security benefits to get by. To reduce the SSA’s burden, benefits are staggered throughout the month, with monthly payments sent based on the recipient’s birth date.

Birthdate 1st – 10th – Second Wednesday of the month

Birthdate 11th – 20thThird Wednesday of the month

Birthdate 21st – 31th – Fourth Wednesday of the month

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments are made on the first of the month, unless it falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a national holiday. SSI payments will be made at the end of the preceding month in certain cases, as per AS via MSN.

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