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California News

Southern California will Remain Cold on Friday, as SoCal Weather/Temperature Will go Below Average


The weather in Southern California will remain bright and clear on a Friday afternoon. But on the same day, there are chances of a little cold during the evening. For this weekend, the night temperature and SoCal weather will remain below average.

On Friday noon the temperature in Orange County and Los Angeles will go up to 68, which is the highest. But no need to worry, at night the temperature will fall and go down by 47 degrees. For people who have plans for weekends, the weather will be bright, warm, and clear on Saturday and Sunday. You can expect the temperature in between 70 degrees.

When it comes to the Inland Empire and the Valleys, the temperature will go above 72 degrees on Friday and at night it will drop by 42 degrees.

SoCal Weather of Beaches, Mountains, and Desserts

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In Southern California, the temperature of the beaches will stay cool. As the temperature will go around 68 degrees. Similar weather and conditions can be expected for Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday, the mountains will remain cold and night freeze can be expected too. As the temperature will reach the highest of 49 degrees and at night, it will fall by 16 degrees.

When it comes to desserts, they might witness frost and fog in the morning. That will lead to a cool afternoon. The highest temperature that can be expected is 64 degrees and at night, it will drop to 27 degrees.