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Social Security Rules Are a Potential Threat to Benefits

Social security does not treat a remarriage already being a simple process in itself to be the same in all circumstances. Social security and its complicated set of rules might cancel out all the chances of benefits you could potentially receive or the benefits you were already getting if a certain act is being performed at a given specific period which it should not be done around.

How you can lose the benefits

As bizarre as it sounds, a rule implies that if you get married a day before turning 60, your benefits are all gone, but at the same time, getting married on the day you turn 60 or the day after you do so is all good. In this particular case, we refer to the benefits of a survivor constructed around an earlier marriage.

When in the case of the previous spouse being deceased, you shall be eligible for the benefits of the survivor that will be based on your ex-spouse’s record. Most spouses who survived till age 60 are eligible for the survivor’s benefit, as per news reported by MarketWatch.

The social security rules clearly state that you will only be eligible for the benefits, including the survivor benefits, if you remarry after or when you turn 60 only, based on the records of your ex-spouse. However, if you choose to follow the opposite, that is, to remarry before 60, you are no longer eligible for it.

How to restore the benefits

However, the benefits could be restored if you and your spouse from the second marriage that occurred before you turned 60 decide to opt for a divorce or the marriage ends by death. When considering this particular case, your marriage should last at least one year if it ends in the death of your spouse and at least a decade when it comes to getting separated based on divorce and the death of the ex-spouse post that.

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