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$4,555 Social Security Disability Payments: How to Increase Benefit While Waiting For Payouts

Social Security Disability Benefits: Is It Taxable?
The Social Security Administration says that about a third of disabled people who get benefits pay taxes on them. When they do, it's usually because of other money coming into the house, like what a spouse makes. (Photo:

Millions of Social Security recipients will get their February checks today, February 22.

The U.S. Sun said that the cheques had an average value of $1,827 and a maximum sum of $4,555; the timing of when you get one is determined by your birthday. 

Increased Social Security Disability Benefits for 2023

Social Security Card: Senior woman holding card in hand on white background (Photo: iStock Photo)

Social Security separates pensioners into three categories regardless of the cause of retirement. On the third Wednesday of the month, each of these groups is given its benefit. 

The second, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month are thus always payment days. You will get your benefit in one or two days, depending on your date of birth. 

Hence, you might pick up your check on the next Wednesday of the month, whether your benefit is for disability or age retirement. The sole need is that you had to have been born between any month’s 21st and 31st. Only that will give you the right to get the money fast. 

Social Security Payments: Up To $4,555 For Receipients

Verify This said that Social Security benefits are disbursed according to a set timetable. Depending on their date of birth, most beneficiaries get their payments on the second, third, or fourth Wednesday of each month.

Meanwhile, Tododisca said the retirees born between January 21 and December 31 would receive their benefits on the fourth or last Wednesday of the month, which is today (February 22). All you need to do to get a payment from Social Security on this day is to celebrate your birthday between the days specified above. 

But, according to AARP, recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), such as those who are blind, handicapped, or at least 65 years old and have very few resources, often get such payments on the first of the month. 

This might be an issue if the first occurs on a government holiday or a weekend when banks are closed, as it does on Saturday, April 1, 2023.

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How to Increase Benefit Payments?

Farmer and Morris Law Firm said that working for at least 35 years before retiring, being aware of the advantages of working beyond retirement age and avoiding Social Security taxes may all help you enhance your Social Security Disability payouts. 

Married applicants might increase their disability payments by claiming their spouse’s benefits in order to maximize their income. This enables you to postpone using your own benefits, which may raise your payouts.

Several states and U.S. territories provide extra payments to the federal SSI income, GoBankingRates (via Yahoo! Finance) said. The amount you get varies according to your income, where you live, and other factors. Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, the Northern Mariana Islands, Tennessee, and West Virginia are among the states and U.S. territories that do not provide SSI beneficiaries with a supplement.

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