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Social Security: Direct SSI Payment of $914 Will Arrive in 19 Days

At the start of the following month, users of Supplemental Security Income will start receiving their $914 monthly payment in less than 3 weeks.

The Social Security Administration will begin sending SSI payments to beneficiaries on February 1 to support the elderly, blind, and disabled individuals who have little to no earnings from their sources. According to the SSA, the money will help people to buy essential daily necessities and goods like food and housing.

According to a cost-of-living adjustment provided by the SSA, payments to SSI beneficiaries in 2023 will be a little more outstanding than they were in the previous year. In 2022, recipients received payments totaling $841. The payment for this year is increased by 8.7% to allow for the change.

On February 1st, the SSA will also send payments to SSI-eligible couples, essential individuals, or people who stay with an SSI recipient and provide needed care. According to the government, couples will receive $1,371 while essential individuals will receive $458.

According to receiving 2 payments in December—the first on December 1 and the second on December 30—in which the latter served as the SSI payment for December, beneficiaries of these payments will not be paid this month.