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SNAP & Medicaid COVID-19 Benefits Could Dry Up By April 15, 2022

If the Biden Administration does not extend the public health emergency (PHE) promulgated at the pandemic’s peak. The SNAP assistance which gave assistance to the most vulnerable section of the society faces a risk of expiring on April 15, reports

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every section of society and has led to a steep rise in inflation, the highest in the past 40 years. The US Department of Agriculture has given relief in the form of waivers to certain states and territories. It envisages the release of emergency supplemental income to SNAP recipients.

However, riders were attached to the extra money, and it was based upon the state issuing an emergency or disaster declaration.

Most states and territories have declared an emergency or disaster declaration. This has enabled the states to release supplemental SNAP benefits to their EBT card recipients as a result.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra had extended the emergency declaration from January 16, 2022, to April 15, 2022. However, if the declaration is not extended beyond April 15, 2022, there is a risk of aid in the additional SNAP money drying up.

SNAP Aid Goes To Most Vulnerable Section Of Society

This additional money can amount to an extra $100 per month and enables the most vulnerable society to reach the maximum monthly benefit level depending on their state’s rules and maximums.

However, in the absence of this supplemental income, families below the poverty line might not meet the maximum monthly benefit.

SNAP money To Be Used Only For Food And Groceries

SNAP money is used only to buy fresh produce, food, and groceries at pre-approved vendors and grocers for each state’s program. In other words, the funds will be used for procuring food for families in need. However, there are restrictions on what to buy with SNAP money. The restricted items include alcohol, hot food, or food to be eaten in the store. Also on the list are paper towels, diapers, soaps, and paper towels.