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SNAP Benefits: Here are the States that Extend the Program this November

SNAP Benefits
Some states decided to extend SNAP benefits. (Photo: MARCA)

Several states across the country decided to extend the SNAP benefit to ensure food insecurity and to help millions of Americans who still struggle to meet their needs.

SNAP Benefits

Some states decided to extend SNAP benefits. (Photo: MARCA)

SNAP Benefits Extended

The U.S. federal government has initiated different programs to help millions of Americans face the negative economic impact of the global pandemic. Examples of these are stimulus checks and the food stamp or most commonly known as SNAP benefits.

The SNAP benefits started during the wake of the pandemic and this is the government’s response to help millions of Americans who do not have the purchasing power anymore because either they lost their job or they no longer have a source of income.

SNAP is under the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and this gives states the power and authority to give additional support and benefits. Generally, a household receives at least $95 a month to cover their monthly groceries.

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States that Extend the SNAP Benefits

MARCA reports the following states that decided to extend the SNAP benefits in the month of November:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Utah
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Meanwhile, you can still get your SNAP benefits if your state is not mentioned above. There could still be some changes in the upcoming days or you can file your unclaimed stimulus checks by visiting the website of IRS. The agency encouraged those who have little to no income and those who are not required to file their taxes to claim their stimulus checks before the deadline.

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