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SNAP Beneficiaries in Georgia Will Receive Their Benefits Early Next Week, How To Get Discounts on Products?

SNAP Benefits
SNAP benefits in Georgia and here's how to use your EBT card to get discounts. (Photo: Getty)

Eligible recipients of SNAP benefits in Georgia will receive their benefits on Dec.5 and there are some ways on how to stretch the amount in your EBT card.

SNAP benefits

SNAP benefits in Georgia and here’s how to use your EBT card to get discounts. (Photo: Getty)

SNAP Benefits in Georgia

SNAP benefits is commonly known before as “Food Stamps” and people used these stamps to purchase nutritious food allowed by the state and the Department of Agriculture. Today, most states deposited the SNAP benefits through an EBT card, though other states have other names for this card.

Eligible residents in Georgia will receive their SNAP benefits on Dec. 5 or early next week. This is whether the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS) administrators can iron out their problem in the distribution or not.

According to an article published in Go Banking Rates, there are some SNAP recipients in Georgia who have not yet received their benefits in time. The DCFS said that the cause of the delay is because of an increase in renewals and shortages of staff in the agency.

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How To Use Your EBT Card To Get Discounts?

Just like other American families, you always look for ways to stretch the amount inside your EBT card. Luckily, there are food items and services in Georgia that you buy with great discounts and services. These are the following:


Medicaid benefits or SNAP and SNAP EBT Cash recipients may be eligible for a 50% discount on Prime subscriptions.


More than 850 museums and cultural organizations throughout the country offer free or discounted entry to SNAP recipients, including via the Museums for All program. The Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, the Atlanta Contemporary Museum of Art, the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah, and the Thomasville History Center are among the institutions that provide discounts or free entry to Georgia EBT cards, according to the iGeorgia Food Stamps website.


Fresh vegetables can also be purchased at farmers’ markets that accept the SNAP EBT card. A monthly list of the names and locations of stores around the US that are currently permitted to receive SNAP benefits is made available by the USDA’s Food Nutrition Service.


The Federal Lifeline Program may be able to provide you with free or inexpensive landline or mobile phone service if you are a SNAP beneficiary and your income is below a specific threshold. Also possible is discounted internet access. Check with your provider to determine whether the program is available.

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