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Since Trump used Accountants, IRS was Easier with His Tax Returns, said a Congressional Report

Given an IRS guideline requiring such a review, House Democrats are investigating why the agency failed to properly analyze Donald Trump’s tax returns while he was in office. The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), a bipartisan congressional body that looked at Trump’s tax returns from 2015 to 2020, released a report on Tuesday that offered some explanation for the mistake.

According to the report, Trump used certified public accountants to prepare his tax returns, a common practice among the wealthy that may have contributed to the IRS’s decision to grant him a pass.

Accounting firms are not a guarantee of financial transparency. Trump’s accountants abandoned him this year when concerns were raised about the reliability of the information he was providing.

Although a rule requiring the IRS to investigate the returns of a president while in office, the organization did not start inspecting Trump’s returns until 2019 – 2 years into his presidency and after Democrats won control of Congress.

Although the JCT stated in its statement this week that it was unable to speak with any IRS agents directly, a study of the audit materials showed that the agent who conducted a “limited scope” “preliminary risk analysis” of Trump’s 2015 return backed this conclusion.

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