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Side Hustle You Can Do to Earn Extra Money

You can do side hustles while working full-time to earn extra income and escape the rat race early.
You can do side hustles while working full-time to earn extra income and escape the rat race early. (Photo: iQoncept | Shutterstock)

There are different side hustles available on the internet if you know what type of opportunities to look for. You can earn more money while working a full-time job. Finding one of the best side jobs is the first step to having an extra income.

GOBankingRates listed some viable side jobs you can do anytime and break out of the 9-to-5 grind.

Earn extra income by doing side hustles.

Earn extra income by doing side hustles. (Photo: FlexJobs)


Visit and select tasks you are willing to accomplish. Once you select the task and negotiate with individuals requesting the service, you can proceed immediately and get paid afterwards. You can also set your rates if qualified to do certain tasks. For instance, you can get up to $70 an hour for folding shirts, $65 an hour for heavy lifting, and $80 for moving services.

Frequent Flyer Specialist

This side gig allows you to fulfil your traveller-adventurous side while earning money. This job is perfect for those who love travel and understand how to maximize the best deals during travels. You can consider this job if you have the skills to plan itineraries and help other travellers. A frequent flyer specialist on Budgets are Sexy says an experienced frequent flyer specialist can charge $150 for planning one itinerary.


The duties of this side job include performing bank reconciliations creating financial reports, and payroll needs. This side job typically pays $30 an hour, and you can earn more if you provide bookkeeping services to more than one company.

City Guide Writer

If you have a passion for writing, you use this skill to become a city guide writer. According to Business Insider, as cited by GOBankingRates, real estate and tourism businesses hire local writers to create a city guide. You can provide a unique local perspective on your city or town, demographics, and insider tips for recreation, culture, entertainment, public transportation, and activities.

WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of the most used website builders. If you have the skills to write code, create and edit themes, and set up and utilize plugins, this side gig might be doable for you. The average pay for this side job is $45 an hour.


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