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Shooting Incident: Son Shot His Mother’s Boyfriend 8 to 10 Times in Kent

Shooting incident
Son shoots his mother's boyfriend. (Photo: FOX)

A man was charged with murder after shooting his mother’s boyfriend 8 to 10 times in Kent. Several days later, he turned himself into the police.

Shooting incident

Son shoots his mother’s boyfriend. (Photo: FOX)

Son Killed His Mother’s Boyfriend

Dondre Jack Lee Butler, 20 years old, shot his mother’s boyfriend eight to 10 times before leaving their house in Kent. It was reported that the shooting incident happened in Oct.29 at a house they lived in at 14310 SE 282nd St. Butler’s mother also lived at the home.

According to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office, his mother’s boyfriend Carlos Middleton, 45 years old, did not only get gunshot wounds to his torso and leg. He also suffered blunt trauma injuries to his face and forehead as well as a cut lip.

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Mother Explained the Details of the Shooting Incident

Police were informed by the mother that Middleton and her had been drinking alone at home. She said that Middleton stole a set of keys and left the bedroom while she was in bed. According to court records, she said that she followed Middleton out of the house, she was able to take the keys out of his hand.

The lady said that after hearing Middleton pursue her, she hurried back to the house. She said that as soon as she opened the front door, Middleton shoved her from behind, causing her to fall to the ground. She claimed that her son shot Middleton many times right away and then ran out from the house.

Suspect Turned Himself In After Several Days

On November 1, Butler surrendered himself to Kent Police. James Curtis, an attorney with The Curtis Firm in Tukwila, was with him. The man’s surrender was orchestrated by Curtis and a detective. Butler had been sought after but had not been located by detectives.

When police carried out a search warrant at the house, they found a gun in one of the bedrooms that they believe belonged to Butler. Butler’s social security card was also located in the room by the detectives. Multiple fired cartridge casings were discovered inside the house.

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