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Selected Moms Will Receive Monthly $1,000 Stimulus Checks; Here’s How To Be Eligible!

Image by - Alexander Mils/ Unsplash

It is now virtually clear that no more stimulus checks will be issued. Another piece of bad news for parents wanting to save money this year is that Congress is unlikely to extend the Child Tax Credit program. A coronavirus stimulus check for women is available, and certain moms may be qualified. However, this stimulus check is only available to a select group of New York City mothers.

This coronavirus stimulus check for moms is part of New York City’s guaranteed income initiative, The Bridge Project, which aims to assist mothers in low-income areas. The Bridge Project aims to eliminate inequality by providing unconditional cash to participants, according to Entrepreneur.

Last year, the initiative began with 100 families, and this year, it will be expanded to 500 additional moms. Mothers who qualify will get $1,000 for the first 18 months and $500 for the next 18 months.

The stimulus money will be given to women in the form of cash, with no restrictions on what they may do with it. In terms of eligibility, any pregnant woman who lives in a certain neighborhood is eligible to receive funds under the program. In addition, the family’s household income must be under $52,000.

Black women will also get their $850 boost 

Meanwhile, the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund will be dedicated specifically to aiding Black women in achieving their goals. The fund will provide $850 monthly stimulus checks to 650 Black women across Georgia over the next two years, making it one of the country’s largest stimulus check schemes. Some participants will be paid on a regular basis, while others will be paid all at once.

In America, Black women have always faced some type of discrimination. Except for Black women, the unemployment rate in the United States has recently decreased. The mainstream media has often gone ignored when it comes to violence against Black women. As a result, it’s no surprise that Black women in cities across the country face a wealth discrepancy.

In addition to this initiative, Atlanta will run its basic income program, which will benefit 300 low-income residents. Residents will be paid $500 for a period of 12 months. Michelle Lockhart is a community advocate and member of the Old Fourth Ward Economic Security Task Force, as per Digital Market News.

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