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Second of March’s double direct payments, totaling $914, will be received in 29 days, as per Social Security

The money totaling $914 to each recipient from the second phase of March’s double Supplemental Security Income will not be given to beneficiaries for over a month.

Due to April 1 falling on a Saturday this year, the 2nd of March’s double payments will be released on March 31 and replace April 1. The combined value of the two cheques for March is $914, or $1,828.

Couples who qualify will each earn $1,371 in double payments. This month, important persons—those who live with SSI recipients and give them the attention they need—will each get a double payment of $458.

Supplementary payments are typically made once each month, however, when the first falls on a weekend or holiday, the Social Security Administration delivers the checks the day before to guarantee beneficiaries receive them on time, according to the organization.

Due to this scheduling irregularity, recipients will get 2 checks in the previous month but none in the following 3 months this year. June, September, and December are the months with 2 checks each. This is the case since January 1, 2024, is a public holiday and the 1st of the month occurs on the weekend in July and October.

The SSA began issuing SSI payments in January 1974, and since 1975, it has increased payment rates to reflect cost-of-living changes.

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