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Scientists Start Preparing for Alien Interaction

A group of professional scientists has created a center for the headquarters. In the future, there will be a need for humanity to contact alien life at some instance. The Scotlands University of St Andrews, (the SETI Post-Detection Hub) is expecting to gather the world’s leading experts to strategize and plan communication skills and efforts.

”It is obvious and clear that we need a center to communicate and coordinate our efforts for the future, to deal with such instances” John Elliott (researcher at St Andrew’s), said in a current interview. ”So, with encouragement and support from my colleagues, I received the initiative and started creating the hub, to where it is currently.” This has been done with the assistance and support from some colleagues, to create and formulate a supporting document and strategic plan.

The hub consists of people from all over the world and common people as well, rather than astronomers and researchers. Included in the team there are lawyers, sociologists, UFO enthusiasts, and many others. The main problems and issues are about bringing agreements and details, and also, possible legal implications.

Elliott said, ”the hub and center are aiming to explore and study all communication methods, where detection takes place. He also added- ”humanity is capable to react to contact.”

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