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Running Down Appliances at Night: A Good Idea to Save Energy

Many of us are looking for cost-cutting measures due to rising energy prices, but should we leave appliances on standby at night?

According to the Energy Information Administration, the typical American household used electricity for $122 per month in 2021.

There are fortunately many ways to reduce your bill, but it’s important to be aware of the risks as well. Running your utilities at off-peak times will reduce your bill because many utility companies will charge higher rates during peak hours.

These can differ, but they typically won’t take place when electricity prices are at their highest, which is during regular business hours. For instance, all times outside of 8 am and 10 pm are considered off-peak, according to Con Edison of New York.

Base to an article published by The US Sun on January 1, 2023, you should time when you run your appliances around evenings and early mornings to take advantage of off peak hours. As a precaution against fires, it’s important to turn off all appliances before going to bed.

While you can’t always avoid running your refrigerator when it’s busy, you can plan when to do your laundry and wash your dishes to save money.

You might also think about using them on the weekends. You should still save money on your bill because this is typically a non-peak hour time.

Even though each of these things may seem insignificant, over time they all add up and can save you money.


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