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Ron DeSantis Blames Rising Home Costs in Florida on Individuals Emigrating from “Faucivilles”

In his response to Florida’s high home costs, Governor Ron DeSantis suggests that Dr. Anthony Fauci is mainly to blame.

The Florida Governor named-checked as such “Faucivilles” as a factor contributing to increasing rents throughout a news conference in Miami on Thursday. He also expressed confidence that new construction would help address current problems.

“South Florida has problems in part because it has become one of the most popular destinations in recent years. Since there were so many places that matched Fauciville,” DeSantis stated. Who wants to reside there, then? They desire to visit Miami.

DeSantis said that “part of it was being pushed by the greatest inflation we’ve experienced in 40 years” about the high cost of housing.

DeSantis stated, “And so people’s utilities, all of it, gas, all of it has risen dramatically over the last few years, and then of course, the rent was a big part of that,” before conveying optimism that “multifamily construction” presently underway will “come on line” and moderate the increase in housing costs.

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