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‘Rolex’ Direct Payment: $28,000 Will Be Sent To Qualified Residents in Massachusetts 3 Days From Now

Tax return
Massachusetts will send a massive $28,000 tax returns. (Photo: CNET)

Direct payment of up to $28,000 will be sent out to qualified and eligible residents in Massachusetts three days from now.

Tax return

Massachusetts will send a massive $28,000 tax returns. (Photo: CNET)

$28,000 Direct Payments

Massachusetts is one of the states in the country that will give huge tax returns. Some refer to it as a “Rolex” payment because it is worth $28,000. Those who filed their personal income will continue to receive the rebate on December 15, Thursday.

According to a report published in The U.S. Sun, this direct payment is coming from a massive pot of nearly $3 billion during the state’s 2021 tax return. Recipients of this payment should expect a direct deposit or mailed check of at least 14% of their total 2021 income.

Moreover, the deposits will be loaded directly into the taxpayers’ information when he or she filed their tax returns in 2021. Take note also of the code ‘MASTTAXRFD.’ Additionally, high earners are expected to receive larger tax returns compared to low-income earners in the state.

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Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center Released a Statement

Jason Wright of the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center said that the amount of tax returns in Massachusetts is comparable to the price of a ‘Rolex’. He wrote in an official statement, “We are giving millionaires the equivalent of a Rolex or more than a semester at UMass!”

A Wrist Advisor also said that this claim from Wright is most likely accurate, as the average cost of a Rolex watch can be anywhere from $6,500 to $75,000.

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