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Risky Bacterial Infection Increasing in the UK Might be Migrating to the US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is looking into whether the infection is increasing in youngsters in the United States at the same level as they do in the United Kingdom due to a continuing increase of “invasive” bacterial infections.

The CDC is investigating a possible rise in invasive group A strep (iGAS) infections among youngsters in the United States, according to the agency’s website. The bacteria that cause strep throat, an infection of the tonsils and throat, and scarlet fever, which results in a red, sandpaper-like skin rash, are both members of the Group A Streptococcus family.

Invasive strep is more severe than these relatively minor illnesses. According to the CDC, infections happen when germs enter the blood, lungs, or muscles and can result in highly dangerous problems. For example, the infections can lead to streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, which is characterized by a flood of inflammatory molecules, a dangerous drop in blood pressure, and wide-ranging organ damage. They can also cause necrotizing fasciitis, the “flesh-eating disease” in which tissues quickly die due to harsh inflammation.

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