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Ripple Vs. SEC: XRP Strengthens Its Position In The Legal Battle As The Evidence Unfolds

The Ripple investors enjoyed incredible returns in the past ten years. However, it has not achieved a breakthrough in the crypto market. The cryptocurrency provided significant profits in April last year, but the prices fell in the latter part of 2021. XRP has continued its bearish trend since 2017; its prices have declined to a new low in November last year before rising again in January. The current market pattern suggests higher unpredictability, and investors need to be cautious. Newsbtc reports that the legal fight between XRP and SEC has degraded the market; SEC accused Ripple of being a contract of investment. Ripple has shown bullish signs of late; the reports offer a 60% return in the recent past.

Ripple Vs. SEC: XRP Strengthens Its Position In The Legal Battle As The Evidence Unfolds

Investors have had a roller coaster ride

Investors have had to cope with the volatile XRP market. The legal battle has influenced the long-term gains of investors; the outcome of the legal procedure will determine the currency’s market pattern in the US. Newsbtc reports that judge Analisa Torres has permitted the response over the matter. Ripple has taken definitive steps in its defense earlier this week; several experts predict the future market and the effect of the current lawsuit on cryptocurrency profits.

People have a variety of opinions


Newsbtc quoted James Wo, founder, and CEO OF DFG, who said, “We’ve seen in tech history that no matter the result of the trial, verdict, or closed-door agreement, supporters regularly see the ending of a legal battle as a bullish sign. This increase could be the beginning of a bullish period for XRP if indeed the long-lasting trail comes to an end in the upcoming months.” Experts have divided opinions over Ripple’s future; some suggest the end of the market while others believe that the profits might surge significantly. The investors are the worried lot as the market takes an unpredictable turn.

Newsbtc quoted Vladimir Gorbunov, CEO of Crypterium; he said, “Ripple’s outlook remains questionable because market conditions have changed dramatically over the past few years. A large number of companies making similar solutions to Ripple. However, Ripple is the most popular service in the segment of interbank transactions.”

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