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Rick Harrison Net Worth: All you need to know about his Life

Rick Harrison Net Worth

Richard Kevin Harrison, also known as Rick Harrison, is a business personality from the United States of America. Richard Harrison also features on the show Pawn Stars. The show Pawn Stars airs on History TV 18, where different antique items are sold and auctioned. It is one of the famous shows, and the Pawn Shop was established By Rick Harrison’s father in 1989. Rick Harrison was also the co-owner of the Pawn Shop and no solely owns it after the death of his father in 2018. Let’s have a look at the Life of Rick Harrison, his net worth and how he became a Pawn Star:


What is Rick Harrison’s Net Worth?

Rick Harrison_Net Worth

According to different estimations, Rick Harrison has a net worth of $9 Million from the family business of Pawnography and Pawn Shop. He also features on the show Pawn Stars, which focuses on him being the owner of the Pawn Shop, where there is a collection of antique and iconic goods, which are highly valuable. Richard Kevin Harrison is the son of Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. and Joanne Harrison. He is the third child and also has a younger brother. Rick Harrison’s father opened a gold and silver coin shop in 1981, with an antique collection of coins worldwide. The business was minimalistic but earned good money for the family. Later in their Life, Rick Harrison and his father opened their Pawn Shop with a collection of wore down but refurbished antique goods. This Pawn Shop became so famous that a show under the name of Pawn Stars solely dedicated to it started airing on History TV 18.


Who is Rick Harrison?

Rick Harrison

You must have heard of the television show Pawn Stars, which focuses on the Harrison family. One of the show’s significant stars is Rick Harrison, but there’s more to this personality. Born in Lexington, California, the family moved to Las Vegas, where in a small space of 300 square-foot the father of Rick Harrison opened a shop for antique gold and silver coin. The Harrison family was initially related to the Real Estate business, but after it collapsed, the family moved to Las Vegas to establish a Pwn business. Rick Harrison has been married thrice in his lifetime. His first wife was Kim Harrison, who are both parents to Corey and Adam Harrison. Soon after Adam Harrison was born, Rick Harrison and Kim Harrison parted ways for the good.

Rick Harrison married Tracy and held the responsibility for the two children, Adam and Corey. Rick and Tracy also have a son together, who they named Jake Harrison. 


Is Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars Deaf?

Rick Harrison Deaf

Rick Harrison suffered a lot during his young age. He was subject to epileptic seizures from the young age of eight. This made him spend most of his time in bed reading and develop a vigorous reading habit. The businessman and Television tycoon featured on Pawn Stars is virtually deaf, as stated by his doctors. Rick Harrison and their family co-own the business but are no longer full-time employees at the Pawn Shop. Yet, the Pawn Stars Gold and Silver shop is still operational. The Pawn Shop is open throughout the year other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, when the shop owners and employees enjoy their holiday season.


Does Rick Harrison own Pawn Stars?

Rick Harrison Pawn Stars

Rick Harrison does not solely own the Pawn Stars Gold and Silver Pawn shop. When the business started, he and Rick Harisson’s father started the Pawn Shop from scratch in 1989. Now, after the death of Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. death in 2018, the shop is co-owned by Rick Harrison and his sons Corey and Adam. Corey Harrison and Adam Harrison also feature in the show Pawn Stars, which focuses on the Pawn Shop and the Harrison family business.