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Retirement Tax 2023: Pay Less In These Listed States

Retirement Tax 2023: Pay Less In These Listed States
The main source of support for millions of Americans in their 60s and beyond is Social Security. (Photo:

Selecting the correct state can save retirement tax on Social Security checks. Americans must pay retirement tax. Hence, we must discover all the secrets to reduce our Social Security tax bill. Taxes are necessary; however, they vary by state.

Two thousand twenty-three taxes will vary per state. Current and current year, not past. We use 2022 Social Security money for our tax return. Go to one of these states for your 2024 tax return. In these States, Social Security deductions will decrease in 2023, allowing you to live with a little more money each month.

Retirement Tax 2023: Pay Less In These Listed States

Annuity payments are fully taxable. (Photo:

The IRS reviews tax code dollar amounts annually and considers inflation adjustments. At least the IRS isn’t adding to the pain of higher electric and grocery bills by maintaining retirement account contribution limits and standard deductions.

2023 will allow 7% more retirement account contributions. Your standard deduction and tax bracket income limits will increase.

“The increases are not enormous, but anything helps during these tough financial times,” said Abby Eisenkraft, an IRS enrolled agent and Choice Tax Solutions CEO in New York City.


Are you now starting to think of moving?

For many retirees, that is the question. Moving to a different state might be the best option if you want to be nearer to your grandchildren, enjoy better weather, or spend less on housing. But when deciding whether or where to relocate, retirees frequently forget to take state and local taxes into account.

From one location to another, your overall state and local tax burden may differ significantly. For some people, the difference between taxes in one place and another could be in the tens of thousands of dollars. While the majority of people concentrate on income taxes, other taxes, such as sales and property taxes, can also add up quickly.

Therefore, if you’re considering moving in retirement, how do your current state and your new state stack up in terms of taxes?

Several States with lower Social Security Retirement Tax (2023 Predictions):

  • Alabama. This state exempts $6000 for seniors. Hence, taxpayers that age pays no taxes on their first $6,000, which is excellent.
  • Delaware. Over-60s get a $12,500 tax exclusion. We can save a lot on Social Security here.
  • Iowa. Seniors, disabled people, and widows will be tax-exempt. R.I. Military pensions have been tax-free since 2023. Yet, full-retiree Social Security recipients receive a tax reduction.
  • Nebraska. Qualifying individuals can earn a 60% Social Security tax cut this year.
  • Virginia. Retirement tax savings for 55-year-old veterans begin in 2023.

Some states offer pension breaks but not 401(k)s or IRAs. Alabama has a maximum 5% income tax and exempts pension income. Starting in 2023, IRA income is exempt up to $6,000.

Other states cap retirement income taxation. Arkansas exempts $6,000 of military, railway, and private employee retirement income. New York exempts $20,000 of annuity or retirement tax benefits for those 5912 or older and government pension income from the U.S., New York State, or New York localities. California only exempts railway retirement income.

Other states cap retirement tax income by age. South Carolina lets seniors deduct $10,000 from their public and private retirement tax income. Colorado adds $24,000.

Some states include taxpayer income. In Connecticut, single taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less are exempt from state income tax on 42% of retirement tax income.

Being in one of these states can significantly affect our monthly Social Security payout. Remember that you can ask for help with taxes. Even though our tax return is for 2022 income, we have until April 18 to file.

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