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Retirees of These 13 States Can Lose More Social Security Benefits

Retirement plans are incomplete without considering social security. This makes it important to focus on realistic expectations and need. While the social security benefits are crucial, you must get the maximum benefit out of it. The reason behind this is that there are 13 states where the residents can own more taxes than benefits leading to losses.

The reason behind the losses to occur

Both the federal government and your state may wind up seizing a portion of your Social Security retirement income, leaving you with less to live on.

While seniors in the United States should be aware that the IRS takes a cut after their provisional income surpasses $25,000 for single filers or $32,000 for married joint filers, folks in most parts of the country don’t have to worry about their state taking a portion of their monthly payments.

13 states residents that can face losses

If you reside in any of these states, your local government will tax at least some seniors’ Social Security benefits. People with higher incomes are more at risk of losing their share due to this, but be aware of the laws so that you are prepared to see their benefits reduced by taxes.

The states include Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia.

Need to be aware of the laws

Retirement benefit cheques are aimed to replace some part of the pre-retirement earnings. They’re designed to cover 40% of what you were earning, with savings and pension income covering the other 40% to 50% of the income you’ll need to replace, as per the report of USA Today.

Before you retire:

  • Carefully consider how far Social Security will pay you.
  • Compare that amount to your monthly costs.
  • Ensure that your savings give enough additional income at a safe withdrawal rate.

If you don’t have an exact estimate of your Social Security benefits, you might fail at the end as the exact amount estimate will be lacking. When benefits taxes restrict the amount of money you have to spend, you may find yourself in a financial bind that makes it hard to buy necessities.

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