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Republicans Interrupt Vice President Biden’s State of the Union address at Trump Order

Donald Trump revealed his state leadership team during a speech he delivered in South Carolina during the past weekend. Republican Congressman Joe Wilson was one of them, and he introduced him as follows:

“A friend of mine, Congressman Joe Wilson, had a voice that was so lovely when he spoke in front of the Congress. You may be aware of this, but at that time, people admired you for what you did because it proved your sincerity, commitment, and love for your nation.”

He was pointing to Wilson’s infamous reaction at the 2009 State of the Union speech, during which he yelled at Barack Obama, “You liar,” once the former president claimed that his healthcare plan would include illegal immigrants.  The commentators all recommended the use of smelling salts, and Wilson was eventually disapproved by Congress and later apologized. It was a terrible breach of decorum at the time that shocked the whole country.

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