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Republicans Candidate Suggested an Economic Solution- They Have to Deliver Now

On Wednesday, NBC news reported that republicans will control and rule the house, having secured some power by now. The party will also have economic ownership rights. In a sign and hint of how many republicans will depend on the economy. On Tuesday, Former President Donald Trump is launching a re-election campaign chose to skip his regular attacks about the 2020 election, and again tried to make the economy the main focus of his case for why he should be re-elected.

Mid-term voters considered inflation as their main concern with 1 out of 5 saying that it has caused them various economic difficulties or having very little money. This statement is given by NBC News exit polls. When it comes to maintaining the economy, they have given higher marks to Republicans in comparison to Democrats.

Republicans tried to seize on this economic concern during the campaign, but the majority of them gave few details. Republicans also seem to be divided inside the party, with some asking for tax reductions and less spending while others support a more popular strategy of protectionist trade laws and immigration limitations.

As stated by Brian Riedl “In a post trump world, the GOP is still not aware of its economic policy.” Brian Riedl has worked as chief economist and served for six years for a Republican. Now a senior associate at the Manhattan Institute, Rob Portman. Spending cuts, regulation reform, free trade, and free market policies would have been the top priorities ten years ago, but in the post-Trump world, all of those ideas are now on the outs. So, the GOP is experiencing something of a civil war around economic issues.

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