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Republican Senator (Greg Abbott) Predicts Harris County Elections Inquiry- To Result in Criminal Charges

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The first one to demand an investigation for what he called “widespread problems” with Harris County’s elections was Governor- Greg Abbott. The question is if Harris County District Attorney- Kim Ogg will find any criminal activity now that she has launched an investigation into the election of 8 November in the state’s largest county.

As we know Abbott was the first one to call for an investigation. The governor blamed dissatisfaction and confusion and said that difficulties were brought on by a lack of paper ballots, staffing issues, and other issues. The governor stated in a statement that “the claims of election irregularities in our state’s largest county may come from anything from carelessness to obvious criminal action.”

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The Texas Elections Code, according to the Harris County Republican Party, was broken by the county and Elections Administrator- Clifford Tatum. The illegal management of damaged ballots is one of the claims. However, the claim gaining the most attention is the one about the 23 voting places’ paper shortages.

Bettencourt announce, the judge dismissed 150 residents from the line, and a republican told them that they have received a line that is 150 deep and that you are out of paper, so they should dismiss them. Just like the voters in other counties of Texas, Harris County voters also have the capability to choose and pick a ballot in the county at any location. And to choose on election day, they have a total of 782 polls and voting locations.

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Ogg, who is also a Democrat, stated that she started her investigation after getting the referral and approval from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office. She has also asked the Texas keepers for support and assistance. Similarly, this investigation is also called by the Governor- Greg Abbott. Harris county’s communications director said that they don’t have any comment because of the ongoing investigation and inquiry.