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Reports have “Troubled” Mike Pence- Election was Aware of Biden’s Improper Handling of Secret Documents

The Department of Justice is said to have delayed knowledge of Biden’s suspected improper handling of secret data before to the November midterm elections, which has left former vice president Mike Pence “troubled.”

“I appreciate Attorney General Garland’s choice to appoint a special counsel. I don’t recognize why it did take 2 months to reach that conclusion, and I’m disturbed by the fact that there are reports that they discovered these confidential documents over a week before the November election. If a special counsel is analyzing secret documents that were found at Mar-a-Lago, we need to have a special counsel in this case,” Pence told.

Pence, a former vice president, clarified that, according to some rumors, Biden could not declassify records and described the steps he took at the White House to evaluate important information.

“I would get up early because I would receive a presidential daily report at the vice president’s home, he recalled. I would enter the safe where my military assistant would store those top-secret documents. I would take them out and read them. I would be given a presentation about them, and, frankly, most of the time… Simply put, I would put them back in the file where I’d received them. They frequently went into a burn bag, which my military assistant would put together before destroying the classified materials. The same applies to materials I would get at the White House.”

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