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Report: George Santos’ Former Roommate Claims, Congressman Stole His $520 Burberry Scarf, took it to “Stop the Steal” Protest

Representative George Santos allegedly stole a Burberry scarf from some of his former roommates, wearing it in public the following year at a “Stop the Steal” protest where he claimed his own 2020 election had been stolen. The most recent information is another accusation added to a long and increasing list made by the newly elected congressman.

Gregory Morey-Parker and Yasser Rabello, who shared an apartment with Santos and have charged him with stealing other pricey goods, said Patch they think Santos stole a $520 Burberry scarf that Morey-Parker received as a gift from a friend while they were living together in a Queens apartment.

The 2 roommates complained about the things they thought Santos had taken, including a $500 Armani shirt, in messages made in 2020 and discovered by Patch. The communications from the roommates identify him as Anthony, which is similar to rumors that Santos had earlier gone by the name Anthony Devolder.

When he saw Santos talk at the rally on January 5, 2021, while carrying the fashionable camel check scarf, Morey-Parker said Patch he knew it was his since it was “lighter” in color than another such scarf.

In his statement at the protest, Santos criticized his failure in the 2020 election to Democrat Thomas Suozzi in New York’s 3rd congressional district, wrongly stating that, like previous President Donald Trump, his election had been “stolen.”