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Relief Payments: Will You Receive $400 This Week?

Relief payments
Will you receive $400 relief payments this week? (Photo: MARCA)

Some residents already started to receive their Relief Payments worth $400 and it is hoped that all target beneficiaries will receive their aid before the month ends.

Relief payments

Will you receive $400 relief payments this week? (Photo: MARCA)

Who are the Priorities for Relief Payments?

The increasing inflation rate has affected millions of Americans across the country. They need to tighten their budget to meet their daily needs. For this reason, the federal government and state officials are investing huge efforts to help the citizens and residents.

Recently, officials in New Mexico announced that will be releasing relief payments to their residents. In the meantime, their priority is the lowest-income earners who are heavily impacted by the pandemic and increasing inflation rate.

MARCA reports that they already started to send relief payments to their residents and their target is to finish the distribution by the end of this month. Meanwhile, the New Mexico Human Services Department confirmed the release of relief payments.

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New Mexico Human Services Department Released a Statement

According to New Mexico Human Services Department Medrano, “Many low-income New Mexico families have experienced substantial economic and personal losses. These funds will help people in our communities who need the extra money to feed and house their families.”

On the other hand, there is no official information as to how much each person in New Mexico will receive. However, it was mentioned that only one person per household will receive the relief payments. This could be sent either via direct deposit or through the mail.

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