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Reintroduced in the U.S. House: Bill to Establish the 4-Day Workweek National Standard

The traditional five-day/40-hour workweek is being questioned by a bill that was recently presented to the House of Representatives.

A four-day workweek would become a federal law under a bill introduced by California Representative Mark Takano. The requirement will bring about “a massive transition which will boost the happiness of humanity,” according to CNBC.

The UK conducted an experiment supporting the four-day workweek in June 2021. In the study, more than 3,300 workers from 70 organizations worked a four-day, 32-hour shift while still being paid in full.

According to the findings, employees maintained their previous productivity levels compared to 40-hour workweeks. After the study, according to CNN, 90% favored the new model. Takano’s suggested structure has been implemented by numerous British enterprises.

The bill was supported by the Commercial Workers Union, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, 4 Day Week Worldwide, Service Employees International Union, and United Food organizations.

“Workers throughout the country are actively redesigning their connection to labor and the regulations have to follow suit,” stated Rep. Takano in a statement on March 1.

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