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Recovering Stolen Property: Fighting a “Professional Squatter” in Chicago in Bid To Reclaim Property over $1,300 Water Bill

Recovering Stolen Property: Fighting a "Professional Squatter" in Chicago in Bid To Reclaim Property over $1,300 Water Bill
Darthula Young (left) is trying to get Takito Murray (right) out of the Chicago home that she and her siblings inherited from their mother last year. (Photo: CBS Chicago)

Chicagoan Darthula Young has been engaged in a protracted struggle recovering stolen property from a professional squatter.

Recovering Stolen Property: Fighting a "Professional Squatter" in Chicago in Bid To Reclaim Property over $1,300 Water Bill

On “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Darthula Young talks about her fight with a person who moved into her house and changed the locks. (Photo:

Young has been forced to pay the enormous $1,300 water bill that the squatter in question has accrued. 

The situation has recently been more irritating as the squatter apparently informed Young that he is aware of his legal rights.

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Young has been in conflict recovering stolen property with the squatter for a number of months; she calls him a “professional squatter.” She planned to renovate the house that she had just bought in the West Pullman area as an investment. 

She soon learned, however, that a man had moved in without her consent and would not leave. The squatter is still living there despite her attempts to get him removed.

Recent weeks have seen an escalation in the problem, with the squatter apparently telling Young that he is aware of his legal rights and plans to remain in the area. 

Young, who is battling to retrieve her land, is now feeling irritated and helpless as a result of this. She has stated that “we need to take our neighborhood back” in response to her concern about the effects that the squatter’s actions are having on her area.

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Young’s circumstance is not unusual. Property owners around the nation deal with similar issues with squatters who use legal loopholes to occupy properties they do not own. 

Since many property owners have been left with few legal options due to eviction moratoria during the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem has been more acute.

Young is adamant on getting her land back despite the obstacles she encounters recovering stolen property. She has requested assistance from neighborhood watch groups and government agencies in recovering stolen property and has pledged to keep battling until the squatter is evicted. 

Her experience demonstrates the necessity for stronger legal safeguards for property owners and the significance of dealing with the problem of professional squatters.

Bottom Line

The ongoing conflict between Darthula Young recovering stolen property and the squatter living on her property underscores the difficulties that landowners all around the nation endure. 

Young feels frustrated and helpless as a result of the squatter’s claim that he is aware of his legal rights. 

The tenacity of property owners dealing with comparable difficulties is demonstrated by her commitment to restore her property and take back her community.

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