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Putin Changed Over 1K Personal Staff In Fear Of Being Poisoned In February

In February, Vladimir Putin, Russian President, replaced roughly 1,000 employees of his household staff amid suspicions that he had been poisoned. It’s unclear if this occurred before or after his approval of a special military campaign in Ukraine.
The Daily Beast stated that dismissed personnel included cooks, embezzlers, bodyguards, and others, citing a source from a Russian ministry.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail said that a group of ‘powerful’ Russians is trying to ‘poison’ Vladimir Putin & make it appear like an accident, according to Ukraine’s intelligence. They really have a replacement in mind, according to the story.

The economic sanctions by the Western after the Ukraine-Russia conflict, which are proving hard for the Russian economy, are said to be one of the key drivers motivating the initiative.

The Best Candidate

Alexander Bortnikov, the Federal Security Service (FSB) director, is widely regarded as the best candidate for the job. According to Ukraine’s Chief Director of Intelligence, “Bortnikov and other powerful Russian elite figures are reportedly studying a number of measures for removing Putin from power. Poisoning, a sudden illness, or other ‘happenstance’ are not ruled out.”

Bortnikov and Putin all used to work for the KGB, but it’s thought that the earlier recently split up with either following Soviet military defeat in Ukraine, reports Times Now.

A Different Perspective

Tatiana Stanovaya, the creator of the R.Politik strategic consulting organization, offers a different perspective. According to the news service AFP, Stanovaya stated that there was no hint of a rift within the ruling class.

She claims that there is complete agreement, albeit with some tactical variances. It was critical, she said, to distinguish between having concerns about the incursion and being prepared to carry it out. People are stunned, and many feel it is an error. However, no one is able to take action. Everyone is preoccupied with ensuring their own existence.

Meanwhile, on, a petition calling for penalties against Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva, who now is claimed to be Putin’s girlfriend, has been submitted.