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Prince Harry says Royal Institution is “withholding information”– Celebrity News 2023

Prince Harry says Royal Institution is "withholding information"– Celebrity News 2023
In a witness statement, Prince Harry, who is in London this week to handle his ongoing lawsuit against Associated Newspapers, accuses the royal institution of withholding information from him about the matter and attributes his decision to speak out to his wife Duchess Meghan. (Photo by

Prince Harry accused Royal Institution of “withholding information”. In a witness statement made public on Tuesday, the British Prince Harry claimed that his family of withholding information concerning phone hacking from him in order to prevent him from testifying and potentially “opening a can of worms.” The Duke of Sussex made the assertion in his contributions for a privacy lawsuit he and other famous people have made against the Daily Mail’s publisher, Associated Newspapers. (ANL).

Prince Harry Accuses Royal Institution of “Withholding Information” from Him in Phone Hacking Case

The publisher of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday is being sued by Harry and other prominent people for allegedly illegally acquiring information (in Harry’s case, via phone hacking). (Image courtesy of

Prince Harry, along with well-known people including Sir Elton John, Sadie Frost, and Elizabeth Hurley, allege illegal withholding information collecting in the complaint. According to the BBC, the publisher “vigorously denies” all of the accusations.

Harry, who is now in London for the court proceedings, cited an alleged phone hacking issue from 2005 in his witness testimony, the depth of which he claims he was unaware until lately.

The institution, according to the Duke of Sussex’s statement, made it clear that we did not need to know anything about phone tapping and that the royal family did not occupy the witness stand rather than risk triggering a can of worms.

The Royal Institution had  been withholding information about NGN’s phone hacking from me. – Prince Harry

This has just recently become clear as I have pursued my own case under new legal guidance. Even the worst or most suspicious pieces were frequently never brought to my attention because the Institution had a strict “no comment” policy, Harry continued.

Adding that “there is this misconception that we are all in constant communication with one another, but that is not true.” Harry’s “tense relationship with the media” started after the death of his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997.

Since the discovery of Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle a few years ago, all of that has changed.

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Prince Harry claims that the Royal Institution is “withholding information” from him.

Journalists at the Rupert Murdoch-owned News of the World hacked into the voicemails of royals, celebrities, and murder victims as part of Britain’s phone-hacking scandal, which initially came to light in 2006. It led to the mass-market Sunday tabloid’s demise, a massive police investigation, a judge-led investigation, and criminal prosecutions that engulfed Britain for years.

Prince Harry, the youngest son of King Charles III of Britain, had a troubled history with the media. In his statement, he claimed that the decision to leave the UK was crucial in triggering the case. The publisher’s unfettered power, influence, and crime, he continued, were the reasons he was bringing the claim and why he did it out of love for his nation and genuine concern.

The British people needs to be aware of the whole extent of this cover-up, he said, therefore I feel it is my duty to expose it. Buckingham Palace chose not to respond.

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