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Prince Charles’ Youngest Son Thought Princess Diana’s Car Accident Was All a Plan, Describes Watching Late Mother’s Head Plunged on Back Seat

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In his memoir Spare, Prince Harry discusses Princess Diana’s tragic passing. The Duke of Sussex’s mental process and reaction after discovering that the then-Princess of Wales had passed away were described in book excerpts.

Prince Harry also mentioned in his interview with 60 Minutes that it took him a long time to come to terms with Princess Diana’s last passing. He didn’t quickly accept that his mother had passed away when he suddenly heard the news. The 12-year-old believed that Princess Diana’s plan was behind everything at the time.

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“For quite some time. Simply stated, I was unable to accept her passing. She would never harm us like this, so that was part of it. However, there may also be a feeling that this is all part of a larger plan. When she would call and we would go and join her, for a while (I thought she was still alive), he added (via Us Weekly).

The Duke of Sussex also disclosed his strong hope for his mother’s return. And it took him a long time to figure out that this wasn’t going to happen. He requested to see evidence of Princess Diana’s accident to conclude that she would never be able to return.

“I was mostly searching for evidence that she was inside the car. There is evidence that she was hurt and that the same photographers who had followed her into the tunnel were the ones who were clicking pictures of her laying in the backseat, half-dead. The images displayed both the reflection on the window and a crowd of photographers taking pictures through it.