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Just Got Married? Practical Financial Techniques for Newlywed Couples


Beginning your new life as newlyweds entails merging your worlds, including your finances. Finances may not be the most romantic topic of conversation, but they must be discussed. That is why it is critical to seek out the most excellent advice for newlyweds that will assist you in making the best financial decisions possible.

Couples must work together

Even if you shared a home before getting married, how you manage your finances will alter once you become legal partners. These financial topics may be uncomfortable to discuss at first, but doing so will strengthen your communication skills and prevent future financial misunderstandings.

According to Clever Girl Finance, working on your finances as a team will also boost your relationship and help you achieve your financial objectives together. Fortunately, when couples work together to address their finances, many of the difficulties that money can create in a marriage can be avoided.

Best advice for newlyweds to manage their finances

Couples can manage their finances in one of three ways: independently, jointly, or with a combination of separate and joint accounts. Here are some pointers to assist you in figuring out which tactics will work best for you, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, Investopedia shared. 

1. Newly Married Couple With Separate Accounts

Many couples may find that keeping separate accounts is a comfortable starting point, mainly if they manage their finances and don’t have many expected costs. A different accounting system can clarify inequalities, debts, and possible spender-versus-saver personality problems.

2. A Joint Account

This option is probably the simplest in streamlining your management style as a pair, though there are a few small things to consider. First, no one has to figure out relative income payment levels, there’s no need to update a spreadsheet every month, and all of the children’s expenses are paid from the family account. They can readily track the budget using a spreadsheet or budgeting software available online or through smartphone apps, and the ease of use will make tracking spending a breeze.

3. Separate and Joint Accounts

Having separate and joint accounts might be difficult, but it may be the best option for some couples. The premise behind this system is that all income is deposited into a shared account or accounts, and all savings, debt, and retirement funds are managed together. Furthermore, each person has a personal checking account into which a certain sum is deposited each month.

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