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Police Found the Body of Athena Strand, 7- After a FedEx Driver Confesses Murdering Her

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Athena Strand, 7-year-old, vanished, prompting a 200-person, multi-agency search that resulted in the finding of her death miles from her home. According to police, a FedEx driver who had delivered a parcel to Strand’s home around the time she vanished admitted to kidnapping and killing her.

Who is Tanner Horner? Murderer of Athena Strand?

Horner was a freelancer who had been employed by FedEx. Authorities claim they worked with FedEx to identify and track down the FedEx delivery man after learning early on that he had visited the Strands’ home around the time Athena vanished.

Authorities said, after he was put into jail, he confessed to kidnapping and killing the 7-year-old girl. Officers were then directed to her body by him. Athena’s body was discovered southeast of Boyd, some 10 miles from where she was reported missing after he initially provided authorities a false lead on where to look for her body.

Who is Tanner Lynn Horner suspect in Athena Strand murder case

According to FBI Agent- Jim Dwyer, there is digital evidence and statements that support the theory; Strand died roughly an hour after being kidnapped.

Although Lake Worth Authorities Chief J.T Manoushagian tweeted on Friday night, Horner does not live in the city, police say he is from Lake Worth and does not have any previous criminal record.

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In a statement, FedEx stated, the company is completely collaborating with law police and that their thoughts are with the family.

“Our shock and grief over the news coverage of this horrible tragedy are beyond words. Our first and foremost thoughts are with the family during this extremely hard time, and we continue to fully assist the authorities conducting the investigation. Any additional inquiries should be directed to law enforcement at this time.”

Horner is recently in jail instead of a $1.5 million bond. Details on whether he had an attorney or not, who could speak in his favor, were not available yet.