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Phoenix Man Was Arrested After Shooting His Brother

Phoenix man
Phoenix man was arrested after allegedly shooting his brother. (Photo: FOX)

A Phoenix man was arrested and jailed after shooting his brother leading to his death. An investigation is conducted in relation to the crime.

Phoenix man

Phoenix man was arrested after allegedly shooting his brother. (Photo: FOX)

A Phoenix Man Shot His Brother

Police officers said that they arrested a Phoenix man after shooting and killing his brother early Saturday morning. According to reports from different news outlets, the shooting incident happened around 4:30 in the morning near Thunderbird Road and 44th Street at an apartment complex.

In a recently published report in FOX 10 Phoenix, the victim was identified as Thomas Jackson, 33 years old, and the brother the suspect. Police found him injured at the crime scene but he died later on. Police did not give many details about the victim.

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Meanwhile, Police Sgt. Melissa Soliz said “Information gathered indicated Dominique Jackson was manipulating a gun and it discharged striking Thomas Jackson,” The police officers cannot yet establish if the shooting incident was an accident and if there was a motive.

Moreover, Domique Jackson, 35 years old, the brother of the victim is already under police custody. He will undergo into questioning to get to the bottom of the shooting incident. He was also booked already in jail. Needless to say, the police officers and family relatives did not give details if there will be charges filed or if charges were already filed.

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