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People leaving New York preferring Another State Over Florida

Florida may not be your first pick if you’re also considering moving out of New York. I’ve heard a lot of threats to leave the state after the most current election. as we are aware New York is not perfect, New York is the only state I’ve visited where I will rather live than anywhere else. Though it may not be the most affordable state in which to live, as the quote says, “you get what you pay for.”

Florida isn’t as loved by New Yorkers as it used to be

Whatever your purpose or reason for moving to New York, you should give your chosen destination a lot of time and think. Previously, a lot of New Yorkers have chosen to spend their golden years in Florida, where it’s always sunny/bright and there are lots of buffets for senior citizens. You might be shocked to find that Florida is no longer the top choice among states that residents who want to leave are thinking of moving to. It isn’t even in the top two.

Which state is on top and has the highest ranking?

Currently, studied online data and searches made by New Yorkers who planned to move out of the city and discovered that the majority of them were looking at moving to California. Yes, the majority of New Yorkers plan to move to the Golden State after they leave the city. The decision is unexpected knowing that California is one of the few locations where house prices are actually higher than those in New York. On the West Coast, the average home costs $816,804, which is 117.40% more than it costs in the Empire States.

Texas is the second most popular state for migration. Yet it is said about Texas that everything is bigger there, and the prices of homes are actually much lower. The average home in Texas costs $61,001 less than one in New York. Third on the list and still a popular location for New Yorkers to move and relocate is Florida. Homes in Florida cost around 10% more than those in New York, but are still half as expensive as those in California.

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