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Pasqal and Qu&Co merger to accelerate progress in quantum technology

Pasqal and Qu&Co have announced a merger that will see advancements in quantum technology as well as accelerate progress on achieving business advantage through quantum computing by leveraging their complementary solutions.

Pasql is a developer of neutral atom-based quantum technology, and Qu&Co, a quantum algorithm and software developer. Post the merger, the company will be known as Pasqal and will be headquarters in Paris. The two firms say the combined company will deliver an 1000-qubit quantum solution in 2023, on pace with the announced roadmaps of the most advanced quantum platforms.

Qu&Co’s rich quantum algorithm portfolio will be closely integrated with Pasqal’s advanced quantum hardware, providing additional value to customers such as Johnson & Johnson, LG, Airbus, BMW Group, EDF, Thales, MBDA, and Credit Agricole CIB. The combined company will offer a broad range of quantum solutions in chemistry, life sciences, automotive, electronics, utilities, aerospace, defense, finance and other sectors.

Reymond will remain CEO of the combined company while Benno Broer, CEO of Qu&Co, will take on the role of Chief Commercial Officer. Broer also serves as vice president of the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) and brings over 15 years of business development experience.

The merged company will have operations in seven countries with employees from over 15 countries, supported by an academic advisory board with leading professors in quantum chemistry and quantum machine learning.  Qu&Co’s pan-European activities will continue under the names Pasqal Netherlands, Pasqal Germany, Pasqal UK and Pasqal Spain.

Pasqal’s quantum computing technology controls neutral atoms (atoms possessing an equal number of electrons and protons) with optical “tweezers,” using laser light to engineer full-stack processors with high connectivity and scalability. Its software-agnostic quantum processing units can operate at room temperature with lower energy, allowing the company to address complex problems more efficiently than classical computers.

Qu&Co’s algorithm portfolio includes problem-solving tools for computational finance, fluid dynamics and chemistry, while Pasqal brings algorithms for optimization problems and quantum machine learning, empowered by its Pulser coding platform, which enables the control of neutral atoms-based processors at the level of laser pulses.

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