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Owner of a San Diego Illegal Casino was Given a 6-Year Prison Term.


Prosecutors say that Long Ngoc Tran ran at least nine of the 36 illegal casinos that caused crime, like murders and shootings, mostly in or around City Heights.

Owner of a San Diego Casino was Given a 6-Year Prison Term.

Tran was sentenced to six years in jail on Monday. The majority of the remaining suspects have already pled guilty and been sentenced. (Photo:

A San Diego man who ran at least nine illegal casino dens in and around City Heights was given a six-year jail term by a judge on Monday.

The unlawful illegal casino that Long Ngoc Tran, 42, oversaw were allegedly part of a broader network of some three dozen gambling establishments that contributed to an increase in violent crimes in the neighborhood between July 2018 and July 2020.

Thus according Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Brehm’s sentencing memo, “the density of criminal cases and arrests near these places equates to the highest amount of crime” in south-east San Diego.

The network of gambling establishments, where nearly all customers allegedly snorted methamphetamine while playing slot machines, was allegedly tied to homicides, shootings, stabbings, assaults, robberies, arsons, auto thefts, and burglaries, according to prosecutors. The prosecution’s main defendant was Tran, and it started with a probe known as “Marble Lion.”

He admitted guilt to federal charges of conspiracy, operating unlawful gambling operations, and keeping drug-related premises last year. U.S. District Judge Marilyn Huff sentenced him on Monday and also mandated that he serve three years of probation after his release from prison.

Tran was arrested in 2015 during an San Diego’s illegal casino are being investigated. According to the new case’s sentence documents, he was given two years in state prison at the time. But he was back in business soon after he got out.


Owner of a San Diego Casino was Given a 6-Year Prison Term.

Ran has been detained since his arrest in April 2021, when an FBI violent crimes and gang task group raided hundreds of illicit parlours in and around City Heights. (Photo:

Brehm told Huff on Monday, “Mr. Tran was a hard worker.” When investigators talked to other people involved in the network of illegal casino gambling rooms, the prosecutor said, “They were afraid of Mr. Tran.”

Tran’s lawyer said that his client, who moved He came to the United States from Vietnam when he was 11 years old and has been hooked to methamphetamine for more than half his life. of his life and that most of his convictions are related to drug use.

Tran has been in jail since an FBI violent crimes and gang task force raided dozens of illegal casino in and around City Heights in April 2021 and arrested him. 47 people were charged at the state and federal levels because of the warrants, and many of them have since pleaded guilty.


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