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Over 10,000 US Workers In Alabama Eligible To Receive $1,500 Extra Payments


At present, the fourth round of stimulus checks seems unlikely to be issued by the federal government in the US. However, various cities, territories, and states have taken the initiative to continue relief or stimulus payments for their residents. This all comes amidst the context of the continuing impact that the COVID-19 pandemic, and more recently the Omicron variant, is having on the US economy.


Child Care Workforce Stabilization II

One such initiative based in the Alabama state is aimed at, according to The US Sun, providing a specific set of essential workers with $1,500 payments. In this light, an amount of $12.6 million forms part of the second set of payments for the Child Care Workforce Stabilization grants. The US Sun states that these grants are provided by the Alabama Department of Human Resources or the DHR.

History Of The Grants

Initially, during the first round of this grant program, according to The US Sun, grants to some 1,278 child-care providers in Alabama were distributed. This was done in December 2021 and January 2022, respectively. The second round of payments or grants is now set to be issued to child-care providers in Alabama. The second round of grant payments runs between February 28 through March 18.

Details/Eligibility For The Grants

Eligible full-time child-care providers are set to receive a grant payment of $1,500, according to The US Sun. In addition to this, part-time child-care workers are eligible to receive $750 in grant payments on the given dates. Furthermore, the grant period is set to run for two years and up to eight bonuses may be given to employees in this period. In other words, 7 more bonus grants remain before September 2023, according to The US Sun.

In addition to this, some 65% have applied for and/or have been granted these bonus grants. The funds for the grants were made available by President Joe Biden’s administration, and more specifically, his American Rescue Plan. According to The US Sun, as the US, and Alabama more specifically, begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic: “the goal is to incentivize these bonuses to help get folks back into child care positions”.

To be eligible for these bonus grants, child-care providers must currently be working or operational. Furthermore, they must stay working for at least a year after receiving this grant. Lastly, according to The US Sun, they must be in good standing with the DHR.

If you are interested in applying for this grant, applications can be made at Alabama’s DHR  website.



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