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Orlando Mom Fatally Murders Her Young Son

Orlando mom
Orlando mom fatally killed her son. (Photo: Law and Crime)

An Orlando mom was charged on Thursday after she admitted that she suffocated her young son leading to her fatal death.

Orlando mom

Orlando mom fatally killed her son. (Photo: Law and Crime)

Orlando Mon Murdered Her Son

Carlisha Maria Anderson, 25 years old, called 911 from a hotel on Nov.15 and told them that she called her baby by suffocation. It was then that a warrant of arrest was executed against her. However, she started stabbing herself using a knife when authorities arrived at the scene.

In a published article in Law & Crime, she said “I don’t know, my baby, my baby was acting like something was wrong with him. He was in the bed, and I think I have too many pillows. I just got off work, and he was sleeping, I don’t know, then he just stopped breathing. Before I called the police, I got a knife and stabbed myself. I tried to resuscitate him, and he couldn’t come back. I love him so much. I love him.”

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Orlando Police Released A Statement

A summary of the investigation revealed:

“On November 15, 2022, the Orlando Police Department received a 911 call from a female caller who stated that she had killed her baby. The call was ultimately transferred to the Orlando Fire Department by OPD dispatch, where the caller continued to say that she had killed her baby. While OFD dispatch was on the line with the 911 caller, later identified as Carlisha Anderson, stated that the baby was not hers and was an abomination.”

Moreover, the officers from the fire department who first arrived at the scene backed off when Anderson was holding a knife in the room. Police officers also said that Carlisha started stabbing herself which was why they tased her.

She is charged with a count each for second-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child neglect in her son’s death. She also faces aggravated assault on a firefighter and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer for allegedly holding off first responders with a knife.

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