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Oregon’s Low-Wage Households Could Get $600 Stimulus Checks In June

Most US Citizens Don’t Claim Social Security At The Right Age

Low-Income families in Oregon could receive a one-time $600 payment. The Oregon State House, led by Democrats, has passed a bill to this effect. The $600 payment will be given to persons who worked in the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic reports

The bill sailed smoothly with a 42-16 vote in favor. It also cleared the Senate in the afternoon with a vote of 23-2 in favor of the bill.

After the bill passed the House with a 42-16 vote, it also sailed the Senate this afternoon on a vote.

Senator Kathleen Taylor (D-Portland), Chair of the Senate Committee on Labor and Business, who carried the bill on the Senate floor, said, “Low-wage workers are a critical part of our economy and are also the most vulnerable to the rising costs of everyday necessities. Cash payments make a huge difference in the lives of individuals and working families. For example, they can help pay a utility bill buy necessary medicine or essentials like diapers and groceries. Cash payments also ease stress, allowing families some support to manage the obstacles they face in their daily lives. House Bill 4157 is an opportunity to show support to our low-wage workers as they show up to do the jobs upon which our economy depends.”

Serve As A Life Saver For Low Income Families

The payment will help the low-income households who are finding it increasingly difficult to cater to necessities such as rent, groceries, prescriptions, and childcare. Rep. Andrea Valderrama representing D-Portland, was the mover of the bill, said that Oregonians, including himself, are finding it extremely difficult to meet the ends with the cost of living surging. Such help from the State will go a long way in alleviating the suffering of low-income households. In addition, the support will help the low-income households pay their utility bills to buy necessary medicines and essentials.

Citizens Earlier Qualified For Earned Income Tax Credit Are Eligible For The Aid

The citizens who had earlier qualified and obtained Earned Income Tax Credit in their 2020 personal income tax returns by April 15 are eligible for the aid. As per an estimate by the Department of Revenue (DOR), 250,000 citizens of Oregon will qualify for the stimulus aid.

State Rep. Rachel Prusak (D-West Linn) said in a statement, “We know that the wealth gap has only continued to widen since the pandemic. It means rising costs disproportionately impact our lowest-wage workers. With this legislation, we’re reaching the working families and individuals whose hard work is essential and makes up the backbone of our economy.”

The bill will now go to Gov. Kate Brown for her approval.


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